Joe Arpaio declared “I’m not going away”

Speaking in a radio interview recorded on Saturday, former sheriff Joe Arpaio declared “I’m not going away” and hinted at a public career move one day after being pardoned by President Donald Trump.

Arpaio also used the interview to hit back at Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for criticizing Trump’s decision to pardon the former sheriff for criminal contempt of court. Arpaio said he was “a little surprised” by McCain’s comments and alleged that McCain was just trying to “make the president look bad.”

Arpaio slammed McCain for casting a decisive vote on a bill to repeal some parts of Obamacare: “Think of that. Think of that and how many people are going to suffer. He should be supporting our president”.

Arpigo was convicted last month of defying a judge’s order to not detain suspected illegal immigrants. He had faced up to 6 months un prision and possible fines.

During an interview, a reporter read to Arpaio a tweet from McCain that was critical of Trump’s pardon.

Arpaio hit back at McCain:

“I am a little surprised at the senator he called me after my election loss and ask me if there was anything he could do for me.”

Arpaio said that he is in debt for millions because of the “sham” case, and is seeking help with the costs through his legal defense fund.

He went on to praise Trump, saying “I would still support him regardless of the pardon.”

“I’m glad he had the guts to do what he did,” he added. “I’m just sad that he has to take some heat from certain media outlets if you know what I mean. But they go after him all of the time. When he does anyting they tear him apart. I have never seen anything like this.”

Editor Note:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a hero. They tried to destroy him for enforcing fedral law as written. He did NOTHING illegal yet he was convicted of a crime.

President Trump pardoned him because he did nothing illegal.

I would like to see senator mccain put in jail for his past illegal activities that were illegal.

Joe Arpaio was also correct to point out that obama was NOT a US citizen and should have never been allowed to be put on a ballot.

In my next post I will detail some of the iron clad evidence that obama is an ILLEGAL alien.