Politically Correct Cancer Spreads To Baseball


A’s bruce maxwell is infected with the PC virus that bashes President Trump


A-s-Bruce-Maxwell-first-MLB-player-to-kneel-for-national anthem.

The A’s catcher Bruce maxwell caught the PC correct cancer and is spreading it.

This form of PC cancer bashes President Trump by kneeling for the national anthem and then explaining to everyone its ok to disrespect the flag if you want to bash President Trump or any other reason.

He says he loves this country and has no disrespect for the flag.

What bruce maxwwell does and says are 2 different things.

He trys to explain himself by using the f word.

“Yeah, f— this guy! Our president speaks of inequality of man because players are protesting the anthem! F— this man!

PC correctness allows for stupidity when explaining yourself! 🙂

Bruce is an example of many people who use their celebrity to infect others with the cancer of political correctness.

The cure for the PC virus is a good dose of Rush Limbaugh

President Trump calls out people who use their status to be politically correct by disrespecting the US flag and country.

Football ratings have taken a dive since kipperneck took a knee and so will baseball ratings if this continues.

People want to watch sports without being exposed to a politically correct form of cancer.

President Trump is making America great again by pointing out the lie of political correctness.