Was 911 Allowed To Happen?

Yes 911 was allowed to happen. The NSA ignored critical data that would have prevented 911. The film A Good American exposes the NSA as the “enemy within”. Rent the movie for $0.99 or buy it for $12.99. Watch it on Netflix also.

A GOOD AMERICAN is more than just a film


A GOOD AMERICAN is more than just a film. We need to get rid of this mass surveillance nonsense.

Mass surveillance is not only violating everybody’s privacy – it also aids terrorists to reach their goal, because while filling the pockets of government surveillance contractors, it makes intelligence analysts dysfunctional by flooding them with useless information. Analysts have been complaining about this for years. We have their testimony from the Snowden documents. You find a detailed analysis of that in our follow-up documentary THE MAZE, a film we made in response to the series of terror attacks since Paris 2015.

A GOOD AMERICAN not only tells the amazing account of the best code-breaker America ever had – it also tells the chilling story of ThinThread, a program that managed to find a solution against being flooded by useless information through filtering out UPFRONT the 99% useless data and focusing in UPFRONT on the 1% that were real threats, providing warning in milliseconds as threat-scenarios were building up.

Now here is some good news: a sort of ThinThread 2.0 is ready to go – built in Europe by a small big-data start-up. You find the intriguing story about it in THE MAZE. A working alternative to mass surveillance is on the table again, including a solution to really protect our fundamental right to privacy.

However, as we are writing this, a battle is still going on in our parliaments and institutions to expand mass surveillance – in US Congress, in several European Parliaments, but also in the largest democracy on earth, India. The battle is on between those who knowingly fail to provide security while stealing our privacy for the sake of power and money, and those who try as hard as they can to provide the best security while protecting our right to privacy and our fundamental freedoms.

If we want it or not, everybody is choosing sides in this battle.

Including you.

Thin thread could have prevented 911 but it was cancelled 1 month before 911 by the head of NSA.

Thin thread could identify terror suspects in real time.

Thin thread takes patterns of human behavior, meta data, provides data on everybody.

When it was first developed it had built in safe guards to protect Americans but since the NSA has repurposed it there are NO safe guards to protect American identitys from being spied on for ANY reason!

Digital finger prints leave a pattern of meta data for the NSA to spy on you even though it is illegal.

Remember the NSA allowed 911 to happen when they could have prevented it using the thin thread program.

Now the NSA uses the thin thread program to spy on Americans without their permission.