The public is not being told the truth about Las Vegas shooter

15 unanswered questions about the Las Vegas shooting that the mainstream media does not want to talk about.

Michael Snyder 16 Questions

#1 Photos of Stephen Paddock’s hotel room have been leaked, and one of those photos appears to show a possible suicide note. Why hasn’t the public been told what is in that note?

#2 Were there additional shooters? A taxi driver reportedly captured video of an automatic weapon being fired out of a lower level window. A video from another angle and brief footage captured by Dan Bilzerian also seem to confirm that automatic gunfire was coming from a floor much lower than the 32nd floor room that Stephen Paddock was located on.

#3 Why were law enforcement authorities discussing “another suspect on the fourth floor”, and why isn’t the mainstream media talking about this?

#4 It would have been impossible for Stephen Paddock to kill and wound 573 people in less than five minutes of shooting with the kinds of weapons that he is alleged to have used. So why won’t law enforcement authorities acknowledge this fact?

#5 How in the world did Paddock get 42 guns and “several thousand rounds of ammo” into his hotel room without anyone noticing?

#6 How did someone with “no military background” and that wasn’t a “gun guy at all” operate such advanced weapons? Because what we are being told by the mainstream media just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

7 Why was a woman and a man telling people in the crowd that they were all going to die 45 minutes before the attack?

#8 Why did it take law enforcement authorities 72 minutes to get into Stephen Paddock’s hotel room?

#9 Why did Paddock wire $100,000 to the Philippines last week?

#10 Why was Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, in the Philippines when the attack took place? Did she know what was about to happen?

#11 Was Paddock on antidepressants like so many other mass killers in the past have been?

#12 Why was ISIS so eager to take responsibility for this attack, and why was the FBI so quick to dismiss that connection?

#13 Apparently Paddock had earned millions of dollars “through real estate deals”. If he was so wealthy, why would he all of a sudden snap like that?

#14 Why did he move so frequently? It is being reported that Paddock had 27 different residences during his adult life.

#15 Why were nearly all of the exits out of the concert venue completely blocked?

#16 Why was a country music festival chosen as the target? Was the goal to kill as many Trump supporters and other conservatives as possible? And is there evidence that Stephen Paddock was connected to Antifa in any way?

Stephen Paddock definitely did not act alone. That means that there are others involved in the shooting.



Editor Note


The FBI is known for lying to the public.  The national news media is known for lying to the public. The federal government is known for lying to the public also.

The “news” about the shooter is not making any sense because it is a mixed bag of information the FBI and national news media is feeding the public that is FAKE news.

There are many people at the scene of the shooting that have stated 2 people were heard running through the crown before the concert started yelling “your all going to be killed”.

2 additional people  knew about the shooter and were involved in what happened.

I think the bump stock news is FAKE news put out by the FBI and national media to convince congress and the public to “just do something” which means make another law that reduces you 2nd ammendment right do defend yourself against the government.

Trial balloon news is being floated by the FBI and national news media to see if the public buys what they are selling.

Any more FAKE news is common.

I don’t expected law enforcement to tell the public everything but I do expect them not to lie to the public.

I think this guy was an isis terrorist or set up to look like a terrorist just as isis has claimed and the FBI and media are covering this up.

If Paddock was allowed to bring 22 guns into the hotel it means the hotel was helping to set him up.

All this stuff about him hiding the guns and ammo is bull.

He could not have been working alone.

There seems to have been multiple shooters. It was a complex operation. Too complex for paddock alone.

The question is did isis do it or was it set up or allowed to happen with the knowledge of people in our government for there own purposes? Remember our government has also been caught in many lies to the public over the years.

Don’t forget when Kennedy was shot some of his security was told to stand down and not protect him on his car route in Dallas. He was set up also and the warren commission was almost a total fabrication of what happened. A big big government lie. The cia set him up.

I also think the FBI knows exactly who and what was involved in the shooting.

We are being fed FAKE news about the shooter.