Oswald’s meeting with Soviet assassination agent


Jack ruby killing oswald in Dalles 1963.

Thousands of previously classified files relating to the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963 were released 10/26/2017.

Thousands of previously classified files relating to the assassination of the US President were released on Thursday shedding new details on the case, although Donald Trump bowed to pressure from the CIA and FBI by blocking the release of hundreds of more sensitive records.

The US president said he had made the decision because of national security concerns, but allowed the release of 2,800 other files.

“I have no choice,” the US president said in a memo, citing “potentially irreversible harm” to national security if he were to allow all records out now. He was placing those files under a six-month review.

Historians warned that the files were unlikely to contain any bombshell revelations or put to rest the rampant conspiracy theories about the 1963 assassination.

Oswald’s meeting with Soviet assassination agent

One of the titbits from the files that caused some excitement was the fact Harvey Oswald met Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov, a KGB agent who worked for the KGB’s 13th department, which was responsible for assassinations, about two months before Kennedy’s killing.

The document, dated November 23 1963, states: “According to an intercepted phone call in Mexico City, Lee Oswald was at the Soviet Embassy there on 28 September 1963 and spoke with the consul,  Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov. This was learned when Oswald called the Soviet Embassy on 1 October, identifying himself by name and speaking broken Russian, stating the above and asking the guard who answered the phone whether there was ‘anything new concerning the telegram to Washington’. The guard checked and then told Oswald that a request had been sent, but nothing had as yet been received.”

The FBI believed the meeting related to a visa or passport application of Oswald.



Editor Note:

Oswald meets with  russian KGB agent working for russian  assassinations agency about 2 months before Kennedy was assassinated.

The FBI believed the meeting related to a visa or passport application of Oswald.

The FBI has been lying for years about many things including this.

Do you believe oswald met with a KGB agent who was working for the russian assassinations dept just to try to get a visa or passport?

If you do you must be thinking just like todays FBI when they are telling you a lone shooter killed 50 people in las vegas by himself.

Every day more information about the vegas shooter and security guard is in the news.

The latest is the security guard took a 1 week vacation to mexico just after the 50 people we murdered.

He drove to mexico even though he had been shot in the leg.

Tucker Carlson wonders how a man who was shot in the leg by an AR-15 could drive 700 miles to Mexico.

Carlson also reported that Fox confirmed reports that Campos was not a licensed security guard.

Carlson was shocked that authorities allowed the only eyewitness to the Manadalay Bay massacre to leave the country while it was still thought that the shooter Stephen Paddock may have had an accomplice and why it took a leak of a government document for the public to find out.

I believe paddock had an accomplice. Maybe more than just one.

Maybe paddock was set up just like oswald in 1963.

Maybe paddock was not the shooter but an unlicensed security guard who drove 700 miles to mexico 1 week after 50 people we murdered?

Now a report is floated that paddock had a perk that allowed him access to use a freight elevator because he was a high roller.

I think this story is fake and is being used to answer the many questions of how paddock could get so many guns and ammo up to his out-of-view 32nd-floor suite.

The facts don’t add up and the public knows this.

It is easy for fake news to be used to coverup what really happened in vegas and why.

I think paddock did not act alone if he acted at all. I am beginning to think he was another oswald patsy.

We still don’t have all the facts to this day because the FBI and CIA don’t want the facts out.

54 years later and they are still covering up what happened in dallas.

I suspect 50 years from now it will be the same thing for vegas.

Remember, “what happens in vegas, stays in vegas” is what las vegas advertised for years. This includes the facts.

The FBI is making sure this phrase holds true.



Paddock received an unusual perk for being a high-roller: access to the Mandalay Bay Resort’s massive service elevator


A Las Vegas bellhop may have unwittingly helped Stephen Paddock carry his arsenal of weapons and ammunition up a freight elevator Paddock accessed through a special hotel perk and into the out-of-view 32nd-floor suite Paddock used to rain down mayhem on a country music concert crowd.

An unidentified hotel worker – at least twice – helped Paddock with his belongings, although authorities have yet to identify any abnormalities in the gunman’s behavior after reviewing hotel security footage from the lead-up to the Oct. 1 attack, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Tuesday.

It wasn’t immediately known what was contained in the luggage the bellhop assisted Paddock with, or if guns or ammunition used by Paddock during the rampage were inside.

The report emerged around the same time sources revealed to ABC News that Paddock received an unusual perk for being a high-roller: access to the Mandalay Bay Resort’s massive service elevator, an advantage Paddock reportedly did take advantage of.