Month: November 2017

The Strange Inquisition Of Being A Male Continues

    Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News on Wednesday after an employee filed a complaint about “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” the network announced. Savannah Guthrie made the announcement at the top of the “Today” show, where Lauer has been an anchor for two decades. NBC News chairman Andrew Lack said in

Why is a queer groping a queer a news story?

George Takei Accused of Sexually Assaulting Former Model in 1981 Freaky teki and his boyfriend A former model and actor is accusing Star Trek icon George Takei of sexual assault in 1981. The accuser, Scott R. Brunton, who was 23 at the time of the alleged incident, claims that Takei took advantage of him when

“Reporters” using FAKE NEWS about sexual assault to affect elections

Editor Note I have noticed over the last few weeks sexual assault allegations are permeating “news” every day. Women seem to be coming out of the woodwork and accusing men of all ages and all professions of alleged sexual assault in the past. These “reporters” seek out people who have dirt…on someone. This dirt

There Was More To Colonel Sanders Than His Secret Recipe

The real Colonel Sanders and his surprising ties to Southern Seminary   The unmistakable visage of Colonel Sanders has experienced a public resurgence courtesy of a new mass-media marketing campaign cooked up by the KFC fast food company. Recent commercials have raised the question as to whether the Colonel’s mantle can be carried adequately by