ABC Brian Ross Suspended Over Trump FAKE News Story

ABC News announced Saturday that it has suspended investigative reporter Brian Ross for four weeks without pay after Ross was forced to correct a bombshell on-air report about Michael Flynn.

“We deeply regret and apologize for the serious error we made yesterday. The reporting conveyed by Brian Ross during the special report had not been fully vetted through our editorial standards process,” ABC said in a statement. “As a result of our continued reporting over the next several hours ultimately we determined the information was wrong and we corrected the mistake on air and online.”

Citing a single anonymous source, Ross told viewers during an ABC special report on Friday morning that Flynn was prepared to testify that Donald Trump, as a candidate for president, told him to contact Russians.

During Friday’s edition of “World News Tonight,” Ross walked back his report, telling viewers that the source who had provided the initial information for his story later told him that it was as president-elect, not as a candidate, that Trump asked Flynn to contact Russians.

President Trump weighed in, tweeting his “congratulations” to ABC News for suspending Ross.

Multiple ABC News employees, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t publicly authorized to discuss the matter, told CNNMoney on Saturday there was internal embarrassment over the blunder.

“It’s a major embarrassment,” one ABC News employee said.

“It makes me cringe,” echoed another. “This is not what any networks needs when people are so quick to say ‘fake news’ to you. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

This is not the first high-profile mistake by Ross. In a 2012 piece for which he apologized, he suggested that the Aurora shooter may have had a connection to the Tea Party.


Editor Note    12/03/2017


This story about brian ross is an example of FAKE news. ABC news called in a serious mistake.

FAKE news is not a serious mistake.

ABC published the brian ross FAKE news story as real news but got caught because other news media were not reporting what ABC news brian ross had reported.

ABC publishes FAKE news sometimes just like the other major national media does.

They are called the drive by media for a reason.

ABC rushed to publish a news story that was FAKE hoping it would fly.

I don’t believe it was just a “serious mistake”.

ABC and other national news media make to many so called serious mistakes.

There is a big difference between a “serious mistake” and publishing FAKE news on purpose.

FAKE news comes in different forms.

All of the recent news stories about men that have been published every day are twisted examples.

Some of the sexual harrasment stories are partially true true or totally false.

When these news stories are published as real news but are either partially true this is what I call FAKE news.

Real news is NOT partially true but 100 percent true.