And the walls came tumbling down (MLK exposed)

MLK is not who you think he was. Read this book where his right hand man exposes MLK.

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In real life, the two men — family and colleagues say — were inseparable. One man is honored with a national holiday that will be celebrated Monday (Jan. 19) while the other is frequently overlooked, even as he continued King’s plans for decades after King’s 1968 assassination.

“Ralph is the best friend that I have in the world,” King said of Abernathy when his colleague introduced him for what would be his last sermon, in Memphis, Tenn.

But Abernathy, who died in 1990 at age 64, was harshly criticized for writing in his autobiography, “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down,” about King’s marital infidelity. Abernathy’s family members believe that criticism contributed to efforts to “erase” him from the annals of civil rights history. His widow and his namesake son say the new movie does not fully depict the close partnership he had with King.


Editor Note:

This book exposes MLK as a person who cheated on his wife a lot.

It reveals on the day MLK was shot according to the rev ralph abernathy MLK had 3 women in his bedroom.

Why did the rev abernathy not expose MLK sooner?

I wish he had then we would not have a MLK day that celebrates a man who had a hidden past.

MLK’s right hand man rev ralph abernathy exposed MLK and his adultery.

MLK did do some good things for civil rights but while he was doing these things he was cheating on his wife.

Should this be honored on MLK day?

I think not.