Trump’s First Year Better Than Reagan’s



Donald Trump and President Reagan shake hands.

These men are masetros at making the FAKE news eat their words.

A maestro: a master usually in an art; especially : an eminent composer, conductor, or teacher of music.

The world caters to a winner. This is why President Trump is getting so much traction.

People who only want to get on the bandwagon of opportunity are now getting on Trump’s steam roller bandwagon.

These type of people don’t really care about anything but themselves.

They thrive on the success of others such as President Trump.

This is why it is becoming more difficult for the FAKE news media to produce FAKE news that sticks.

The FAKE news media insists on living in their own virtual world of FAKE news no matter what happens in the real world.

Are these people sick as in mentally ill? YES!

CNN and MSNBC are prime examples as are many other news outlets.

These people mostly produce twisted and fake news stories to deceive Americans.

Every day I see President Trump winning the news war or infowars.



News Flash to Conservatives in the Republican Party – According to the Heritage Foundation President Trump did an amazing job in his first year in office – even better than conservative and American icon President Ronald Reagan!

The New York Times reported that the conservative Heritage Foundation ranks President Trump as doing even better than conservative icon President Ronald Reagan in the first year of his Presidency –

The Trump administration has pursued policies that have hewed remarkably close to the recommendations of a leading conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, which found in a new review that nearly two-thirds of its ideas had been carried out or embraced by the White House over the past year.

Not one to dwell on the details of governing, President Trump has shown a considerable degree of deference to groups within the conservative movement like Heritage, leading to a rightward shift in social, environmental, immigration and foreign policy.

The results, Heritage found in its review, exceeded even the first year of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, whose tenure has long been the conservative gold standard.”

The Times continued that as the horrible Obama years came to an end –

Heritage began developing in 2016 a list of 334 policy prescriptions that a new Republican administration could adopt. It included a variety of actions, like reimposing work requirements for welfare recipients, ending the program that shields young immigrants brought here illegally as children, withdrawing from the Paris climate accord and eliminating certain gender identity protections.

Heritage said that 64 percent of those items were enacted by the administration either through executive order or another means of enforcement, or included in Mr. Trump’s budget, which has not been voted on by Congress.

In Reagan’s first year, only 49 percent of Heritage’s wish list items were embraced by the president or enacted. At the time, Heritage identified a familiar problem for why the administration’s policies were wanting. In almost every federal agency, Heritage said in November 1981, “delayed appointments, unqualified or misqualified appointments, or the appointment of individuals who are not committed to the President’s goals and policies” had delayed or thwarted policy changes.”

President Trump incurred his fair share of challenges during his first year but his results were historic –


It’s time for all conservatives and freedom fighters in the US to get behind this President who stands tall in the face of unjust and slanderous attacks from all sides.  President Trump is Making America Great Again!